How meeting the Goddess made me an atheist


People often ask me to talk about my history, and my journey to atheism. As many know, I grew up religious. Not just religious. I grew up fundamentalist Christian. I also used to be extremely conservative and right-wing. Now I’m a bleeding heart liberal secular humanist and feminist. It’s quite a transition, and, honestly, there’s … Read more

RooshV, feminism, and the new rules of romance


This is a post about how feminism changed romance, and one man¬†confused and embittered by the new rules. RooshV. It’s a name you might have heard. RooshV (real name:¬†Daryush Valizadeh) is an infamous anti-feminist, “Pick-Up Artist”(PUA), and self-admitted rapist who’s known mostly for his extremist misogynistic views, views he expresses loudly and often both on … Read more