How meeting the Goddess made me an atheist


People often ask me to talk about my history, and my journey to atheism. As many know, I grew up religious. Not just religious. I grew up fundamentalist Christian. I also used to be extremely conservative and right-wing. Now I’m a bleeding heart liberal secular humanist and feminist. It’s quite a transition, and, honestly, there’s … Read more

RooshV, feminism, and the new rules of romance


This is a post about how feminism changed romance, and one man confused and embittered by the new rules. RooshV. It’s a name you might have heard. RooshV (real name: Daryush Valizadeh) is an infamous anti-feminist, “Pick-Up Artist”(PUA), and self-admitted rapist who’s known mostly for his extremist misogynistic views, views he expresses loudly and often both on … Read more

Meet Kiva Bay, the “Social Justice Cartoonist” behind the ‘Feminist Deck’ project


I first discovered Kiva Bay when, in the middle of a barrage of harassment that I was receiving on Twitter due to a collection of anti-feminist misogynist trolls deciding that I was their target of the week, she sent me a sketch of myself. @DiscordianKitty, I'm so sorry you're being harassed. I can't do much, … Read more

Here’s my problem with Dove’s new “Choose Beautiful” ad campaign


Dove has done it again. And by “it” I mean they have created yet another patronizing ad campaign that plays on women’s insecurities and reinforces damaging myths that are ultimately harmful and disrespectful to women, all under the banner of “being progressive”. The newest Dove ad campaign shows women making a choice about which door … Read more