How meeting the Goddess made me an atheist


People often ask me to talk about my history, and my journey to atheism. As many know, I grew up religious. Not just religious. I grew up fundamentalist Christian. I also used to be extremely conservative and right-wing. Now I’m a bleeding heart liberal secular humanist and feminist. It’s quite a transition, and, honestly, there’s … Read more

Nicole Arbour and people who say things we don’t like


A couple of days ago, I watched a YouTube video called “Dear Fat People”. It’s supposed to be “What we’ve all wanted to say to fat people” and it’s roughly about six minutes of Nicole Arbour, a pretty, thin, charismatic blonde woman attacking and fat shaming people who already have enough awfulness to deal with … Read more

#GamerGate: It’s about using harassment to push a political agenda


Note: This post is focused on the origins of #GamerGate. It’s part 1, because if I manage to find the emotional energy, I may write more. Lately, I’ve noticed a trend towards saying #GamerGate started out with basically good intentions but it somehow lost its way. No. From its origins in the infamous August that … Read more