Lore of Warcraft — The Story of the Heart Forge

Lore of Warcraft — The Story of the Heart Forge

Magni Bronzebeard has exciting news. MOTHER‘s finished her calculations in the Chamber of Heart. You head there straight away, where MOTHER gives you the news:

Azeroth‘s nearing a critical state, and the only way to save her is to make your Heart of Azeroth more powerful.

So, you know, lucky for you.

You need to collect essences, similar to the powers granted to the Dragon Aspects. These will empower your Heart and nurture Azeroth.

They already have a lead on the first essence — it’s in Highmountain. MOTHER teleports you there, and you speak to Spiritwalker Ebonhorn, the black dragon/Highmountain Tauren, who tells you he senses something in Deathwing‘s old lair. If it’s an essence of dragon magic, it probably comes from his fallen kin. You head into the lair together, with Navarrogg of the Stonedarks‘s help.

You find the lair in turmoil, with rocks falling, Azerite fissures all over the place, and the elementals driven into a frenzy. You set about sealing the fissures, and while you’re busy, Ma’haat the Indomitable, a stone lord, yells about the essence belonging to the earth. Ebonhorn tells you that the essence seems to emanate from the stone lord, and he suggests speaking to him. You know, a peaceful solution.

Of course, it’s World of Warcraft, not World of Sensible Negotiationcraft, so you still fight him anyway. (The stone lords are pretty understandably mistrustful of black dragons.) Once he’s defeated, he gives you a petrified Ebony Scale, which contains an essence once bestowed to a black dragon who lived here before even Neltharion.

Ebonhorn feels a bit concerned about the legacy of the black dragonflight, and suggests he comes with you, partly to meet your allies, mostly to offer advice on how to not absolutely destroy the world with this essence of black dragonflight magic.

Oh, an agent of the Black Prince, or Wrathion, is hanging around. If you ask him what’s up, he tells you to mind your own business and that you’ll know soon enough.

You take Ebonhorn to the Chamber of Heart, where MOTHER activates the Heart Forge. Use the petrified Ebony Scale, and you officially have your first essence: The Crucible of Flame. Magni tells you to keep your eyes open for more essences, and with that, you’re done. He suggests you head back to Nazjatar.

If you ask MOTHER what else she discovered during her calculations, she says this:

Additional information granted.

Error. Additional Titan facility detected. Status: Unknown.

Recommendation: Do not approach or engage.

I’m sure that’s fine.

Lok’tar ogar, and Zandalar Forever x

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