Lore of Warcraft – The Story of Azuremyst Isle

Lore of Warcraft – The Story of Azuremyst Isle

While most 1-60 zones now take place during the events of Cataclysm, Azuremyst Isle and the area immediately after it, Bloodmyst Isle, takes place during the events of Burning Crusade. This makes it possible to start out in the Burning Crusade, jump forward to the Cataclysm once you reach normal 1-60 zones, jump back again to the Burning Crusade once you go to Outland, and jump forward again to Cataclysm. Not confusing at all.

So the Draenei have recently crashed on Azeroth in the Exodar after being attacked by Blood Elves on Outland.

Races most likely to find themselves questing through this area: Draenei.

Note: I don’t necessarily follow the most efficient route. My focus is on the story – not on finishing quickly.

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You should begin at Azure Watch. If you’re a Draenei, you would have been sent here by Technician Zhanaa, who sent you to ask Technician Dyvuun for aid and supplies, and Aeun, a scout who asked you to let Caregiver Chellan know how many refugees to expect and also that he’s injured himself and needs help.

On your way, you might have met Diktynna, who tells you about tasty Red Snappers and gives you a net to go fish some up for her, since she can’t because she was attacked by Murlocs. You have to swim around, catching these fish, and it takes ages. In return, she gives you a fishing pole, and asks you to take a crate of the snappers to Acteon at Azure Watch. It may be one of the most boring quests ever written.

At Azure Watch, Caregiver Chellan apologises for the chaos. The Inn is a salvaged pod from the ship that you all crash landed in, but they’re still trying to set up. Come to that, you’re the perfect person to go fetch the supplies that she’s been promised from Nurguni at the Exodar. She sends you to hippogryph master Zaldaan to catch a flight. This is your token-learn-how-flight-paths-work-and-where-your-major-city-is quest, so let’s get that out of the way. You grab the supplies and get a flight back from hippogryph master Stephanos.

Acteon tells you that you’re making a name for yourself, which might come as a surprise if you, like me, haven’t actually done anything of note yet, and suggests you show off your hunting skills by collecting meat from the local stags. Acteon sounds like a Draenei who knows how to compliment a person into doing his work for him to me, but you get some food and a recipe for your pains, along with another quest to bring him back Moongraze buck hides.

Return the buck hides for a white-quality piece of armour that, even if you do equip it, will be replaced in next to no time. Wiping out so many animals was, uh, totally worth it.

While you’re killing animals, you might come across a Faintly Glowing Crystal on the body of a Nightstalker Runt. It’s a piece of the Exodar and it might explain what’s wrong with the local animals. You take it back to Exarch Menelaous at Azure Watch who tells you it’s your responsibility to reverse the harm you’ve caused, and wants you to kill as many infected Nightstalkers as you can find.

So general animal murder all round then.

Dulvi is concerned about a fisherman, Cowlen, that one of their injured guests (a female Night Elf) has been going on about in her fevered state, and she sends you to find him.

You find the Night Elf, sitting at the end of a dock on Silvermyst Isle. He is not happy. It seems like he’s recently lost, oh, everything. His family, his home, his ship. He’s ready to die if that’s why you’re here.

He’s currently blaming the gods for his misfortune, though really the cause is your crashing ship. If you like you can enlighten him and explain that the Legion‘s demons are after you, in which case he surprisingly doesn’t curse the day you were born, but he does tell you his people have also suffered at the hands of the Legion.

It seems the local Owlbeasts, who have always been peaceful until now, have recently turned hostile and attacked Cowlen and his family. He was overpowered and blacked out. His family appears to have been eaten whole. He asks that you find their remains so that he can give what’s left of them a proper burial.

You kill Owlbeasts until you find the remains, (horrifyingly, they’re one item, suggesting the remains of his entire family have been fused together into one ghastly clump) and bring them back to Cowlen. He tells you his wife’s name was Thalrisa and his daughter Magwin. Their spirits will be at peace now, thanks to you. The gods only know what’s going to happen to Cowlen‘s spirit. Or his house.

You head back into Azure Watch, where Anchorite Fateema seems worried about, I assume, the same injured guest Dulvi mentioned – a Night Elf priestess. She needs you to collect root trapper vines from some local lashers. She’ll be able to make a healing ointment from the vines that will save the Night Elf. The ointment has no effect, and Daedal sends you after azure snapdragon bulbs which are supposed to be a cure-all.

It works.

Unfortunately, the Night Elf mistakes you for an Eredar and passes out again, presumably from shock.

Daedal tells you that Prophet Velen predicted this. You’d meet allies, but they’d be a bit annoyed with you at first on account of you being closely related to the Eredar. He asks you to travel south to Odesyus’ Landing, find other Night Elves, and tell them about you Draenei.

You find a small camp of Alliance races and speak to a human named Admiral Odesyus who promises to send a member of his crew to check up on the Night Elf at your camp as soon as he possibly can. He tells you how he and his friends came to be here – their ship was forced to port after Goblins showed up and stole their navigation gear. Naturally, they can’t go far without it, so you’re asked to go get that gear.

“Cookie” McWeaksauce agrees with the Admiral that you’re a “resourceful one” (read: a willing gofer). He wants to make gumbo, so he sends you to collect crab meat, and he rewards you with some gumbo of your very own.

You bring back the compass and the map, which, conveniently, happens to contain a note all about the Venture Co‘s intentions. They’re going to mine the crystal wreckage and then hijack the Alliance ships. Admiral Odesyus is worried about the fact that the Goblins seem to know about his plans. There must be a traitor in his camp.

I mean, I don’t think you need to know someone’s plans to know they’ve got some convenient ships to hijack, but OK.

Naturally, Odesyus enlists your help to find the traitor, because nothing says ‘good idea’ like trusting a complete stranger when you already know someone’s out to get you. He sends you to collect leaves and a hollowed out tree that he just happens to know about. Priestess Kyleen Il’dinare, a Night Elf, starts babbling on about fate and destiny, but the long and the short of it is she wants you to cleanse the local Night Elf ruins of a Naga infestation. Archaeologist Adamant Ironheart, a Dwarf, overhears you and asks you to bring back some Night Elf relics for him while you’re about it.

While you’re killing Naga, you come across a rune covered tablet which you deliver to Kyleen. She can’t read it, but the Dwarf can. It’s written by the Naga, and it turns out their leader, Warlord Sriss’tiz, has ordered the Naga to take over the whole island. Kyleen thinks it would be best if you killed Sriss’tiz. Once you’ve done this, she admits she thought badly of you at first, which didn’t stop her from getting you to do a bunch of stuff for her, so I guess she’s got some Tauren blood in her because what a cow.

Admiral Odesyus, meanwhile, has created a disguise for you with the hollowed-out tree and the leaves so that you can listen in on a meeting between Geezle, the leader of the Goblins, and the traitor. So you make like a tree and…

The traitor is a Gnome named Engineer “Spark” Overgrind. You bring the Admiral this news and he pretty casually asks you to go torture information out of “Spark”.

“Spark” starts babbling on about Kael’thas and the Legion (I keep forgetting his area is set during the Burning Crusade) and you’re forced to kill him. You retrieve the ‘traitor’s communication’ off his body, which is signed by Kael’thas Sunstrider himself. It’s all about the Draenei and how they’ve escaped ‘the Master’s grasp’ and have crashed on Azeroth. It also mentions an Eredar spy among the Draenei, and it talks of a planned full-scale assault.

Odesyus is understandably quite alarmed, and he suggests you take this news to your own people, so you deliver it to Exarch Menelaous at Azure Watch.

Menelaous is furious, but he thanks you for delivering the news and promises to notify Velen. I guess time will tell if we are going to discover the Eredar spy or not.

Cryptographer Aurren seems keen on working out how to communicate with the local Stillpine Furbolg. He gives you a primer on their language then has you interact with one of their totems, the Totem of Akida. The totem is covered in markings – owls, bears, wolves, stags, that sort of thing – and your newfound knowledge helps you to read the instructions that’ll take you up a nearby hill to the next totem: the Totem of Coo. Oh, and what seems to be some sort of ghost Furbolg Ancestor appears and shows you the way.

The Totem of Coo, along with its Furbolg Ancestor, directs you to the Totem of Tikti, across the river. It also blesses you with a buff: A pair of golden wings, allowing you to jump off the cliff without hurting yourself. The Totem of Tikti and its ancestor sends you down the river to the Totem of Yor, and this time you’re granted a swimming speed buff.

The Totem of Yor and its ancestor directs you to the Totem of Vark at Bristlelimb Village, down an ancient elven road. This time, you’re granted a shadow cat form to help you run fast. “Vark” means “justice” (and not “pig”) and you quickly learn that the Bristelimb Furbolg have done some awful things to the Stillpine Furbolg lately. But there’s a prophecy. A hero, not of Furbolg blood, will avenge the fallen and save the Stillpine.

In other words, you’re going to be killing Bristlelimb Furbolg and releasing captured Stillpine Furbolg. Once you’re done, you report back to Arugoo of the Stillpine, who’s hanging out with Cryptographer Aurren. You’re fully fluent in Furbolg now, and he thanks you and asks you to report to High Chief Stillpine at Stillpine Hold.

Chief Stillpine tells you how his tribe of Furbolg have lived in peace for centuries, only to have that shatter recently.  Lucky for them, there’s a prophecy about a hero not of Stillpine blood (one theme and one only in this area) who will deliver them from devastation.

You head over to Moordo, who tells you how he was ambushed by strange, insectoid creatures, (ravagers) and he would like you to go kill some for him please.

Gurf, who looks like a Furbolg child but talks like he’s not, tells you about the Murlocs who recently attacked them and stole their food stores, along with his tail. You’re off to return the food, and while you’re out, you spot and kill Murgurgula, who still has a Gurf‘s tail on him. You bring back the food and the fur, much to Gurf‘s delight.

Stillpine the Younger asks you to slay Chief Oomooroo, the leader of invading Owlbeasts that’s taken over Stillpine Hold. Chief Stillpine worries about the way the Owlbeasts, usually friendly, suddenly turned violent, and asks you to search Stillpine Hold for clues. Kurz the Revelator tells you about a monstrous beast, Kurken, that’s been a thorn in their side lately. Conveniently for the Furbolg, he’s had a vision that says you are destined to destroy that beast.

You make your bloody way through the Hold, killing every Owlbeast in your path along with the two-headed puppy, Kurken, to find a blood crystal at the back. It’s from the Exodar and it’s infecting the water.

By now you should be thoroughly aware of the fact that your arrival has messed things up for literally everyone.

You bring the puppy’s hide back to Kurz, who sends you to Moordo to get some armour made from it, and the news back to Chief Stillpine, who lets you know the prophecy is fulfilled and asks you to go and report to your own leaders – translation, he’s realised this is all your fault and wants to get you as far away from his tribe as possible.

Once again, head back into Azure Watch to bring Menelaous the news that your people are completely destroying everyone’s lives right now. He calls this news interesting.

Anyway. He also reckons you’ve proven yourself enough to be sent to the front lines. He asks you to report to Pack Handler Torallius, who absolutely does not think you’re ready but sends you to report to Vorkhan at Kessel’s Crossing on Bloodmyst Isle anyway.

And with that, you’re done with Azuremist Isle. After this, you’re most likely to carry on your adventures in Bloodmyst Isle, and I’m sure you’re very excited to discover how the Exodar‘s crash landing has ruined things there.

Lok’tar ogar, and Zandalar Forever x

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