Lore of Warcraft – The Story of Children’s Week: Neutral Orphans

Lore of Warcraft – The Story of Children’s Week: Neutral Orphans

The thing about wars is they create a lot of orphans. Naturally, this means the World of Warcraft is filled with orphans. Children’s Week is a yearly event where you, the player, are put in charge of various kids, helping to make their dreams come true in exchange for some really cute pets.

As of this year, each faction has three orphans to entertain during Children’s Week, along with two neutral orphans that can be looked after by either faction. The neutral orphans are Roo the Oracle and Kekek the Wolvar. Unlike the other orphans, these two can actually be adopted, and are the rewards for completing their quests.

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Roo the Oracle

You head to Old Dalaran (the Dalaran of Nothrend) and find Orphan Matron Aria. (Nothrend is filled with names that closely resemble Game of Thrones names and I’m convinced they’re references to the books.) Aria has two orphans, each from a different species, but you can only help one. You go with the Oracle orphan, Roo.

Roo complains about the “mean puppy-men” and is pleased you’re going to take him away from them. He has three places he’d like to visit: Grizzlemaw, the Bronze Dragonshrine, and Winterfin Retreat.

Grizzlemaw is the ruins of a giant tree in Grizzly Hills. (It was an attempt to create a new World Tree, but it became corrupted and had to be destroyed.) Roo heard about it from High-Oracle Soo-say. It’s now a Furbolg city that two warring clans constantly fight over. When you visit, Roo is impressed and wonders if the “Great Ones” (the Titans) might have some special plan for it.

Time-loops seem to be a pretty consistent Children’s Week theme so you might as well take Roo to the Bronze Dragonshrine in Dragonblight. Soo-say told him he might be able to see a glimpse of his future and, sure enough, Roo does actually get to meet his older self. You don’t.

Roo confides that he still gets quite lonely at the orphanage and would like to meet other hatchlings. He’s heard there’s a bunch over at Winterfin Retreat in Borean Tundra. The hatchlings turn out to be little baby Murlocs, and Roo makes a friend. (And, if you haven’t already, you can make a Murloc friend too by collecting the companion pet Terky from the White Murloc Egg down by Riplash Ruins. Terky has nothing to do with Children’s Week, he’s just cute.)

Next, Roo wants to meet Alexstrasza, the Queen of the Dragons. Apparently, High Oracle Soo-say claims the Great Ones made all the dragons, which is sort of true since the Titans did empower the Dragon AspectsRoo also wants to meet a Great One himself and reckons one might be found on the other side of a waygate.

You take Roo to Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight to mee Alexstrasza (we really could have done this when we were visiting the Bronze Dragonshrine, Roo) and he’s surprised by how small she is. Of course, she’s in her High Elf form. Her dragon form is much bigger. Where all the extra bits go when she transforms from a large dragon into a small high elf is not explained.

The waygate, found in Scholazar Basin, takes you to the Shaper’s Terrace in Un’Goro Crater, where you find The Etymidian, a stone watcher created by the Titans. Roo thinks he’s met a Great One now, and he’s very pleased. The watcher is inactive, but Roo assumes he’s just taking a nap. He asks if you can visit again when he’s awake some time. Since The Etymidian is one of the most destructive forces ever created by the Titans, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

Finally, it’s time to take Roo the toy store where, apparently, the orphans are never allowed to go. Orphan Matron Aria claims it would become “too crowded”. (Forcing you to choose between two orphans, always leaving one behind? Not allowing the orphans to visit the toy store? Getting a pretty grim picture of the Dalaran Orphanage over here.) You buy Roo a paper zeppelin and play with him a bit, promise to ask the Orphan Matron to let him go to the toy store at least sometimes, and then it’s time to return him home.

And now for the adoption. If you’ve never done this quest before, you’ll be sent a letter from Roo in the mail. The letter makes things at the orphanage sound a little better – they’re allowed to go to the park and the toy store these days – but here’s the thing: You also get a Curious Oracle Hatchling in the mail.

In other words, Roo is so desperate to get away from the orphanage he mails himself to the one person who he thinks might help him. In fact, the letter itself was probably just a ruse. That’s why it sounds so positive. Orphan Matron Aria forced Roo to tell you all is well. But Roo managed to escape, and now you have to protect this Oracle Hatchling from the evil Orphan Matron and…

What tinfoil hat?

* * *

Kekek the Wolvar

As I mentioned before, Orphan Matron Aria has two orphans, each from a different species, but you can only help one. This time, you go with the Wolvar orphan, Kekek.

Kekek is keen to get away from the “mean old orphan lady”. If you hang around long enough, you can hear Aria threaten the children that “no one will want to adopt you”. So many red flags. You promise to take Wolvar to Grizzlemaw, the Bronze Dragonshrine, and Snowfall Glade.

Kekek has heard from High Shaman Rakjak about the great bear-men (Furbolg) who are fighting a great battle for Grizzlemaw. He wants to see these mighty warriors. He only ever gets to see mages in Dalaran. Kekek, who’s pretty violent-minded, hopes that he’ll be able to fight for a home of his own one day.

At the Bronze DragonshrineKekek meets his future self, who assures him he’s going to grow up to be a big, strong warrior. But Kekek gets lonely just like Roo does, and he’s heard there are other Wolvar in Snowfall Glade, which is also in Dragonblight.

Kekek meets a Wolvar pup who plays at snowball fighting with him. Needless to say, he far prefers this company to that of Oracle Hatchlings. He also wants to meet the Dragon Queen, (he’s always wanted to be a dragon) and he wants to meet that famous hunter, Hemet Nesingwary.

He’s a bit disappointed with Alexstrasza‘s puny High Elf form, but Hemet, found in Sholazar Basin, is no letdown, even if he tells Kekek to read.

It’s time to head back to Dalaran and buy Kekek that paper zeppelin to play with. That done, you can return him to the orphanage. As with Roo, Kekek is forced by the evil Orphan Matron Aria to write you a letter claiming he’s happy and well looked after, but like Roo, he manages to escape, and now you have a new Wolvar pup.

Lok’tar ogar, and Zandalar Forever x

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