Lore of Warcraft – The Story of Children’s Week: Alliance’s Orphans

Lore of Warcraft – The Story of Children’s Week: Alliance’s Orphans

The thing about wars is they create a lot of orphans. Naturally, this means the World of Warcraft is filled with orphans. Children’s Week is a yearly event where you, the player, are put in charge of various kids, helping to make their dreams come true in exchange for some really cute pets.

As of this year, each faction has three orphans to entertain during Children’s Week, along with two neutral orphans that can be looked after by either faction. The Alliance‘s orphans are Randis the Human, Dornaa the Draenei and Liam the Kul Tiran Human.

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* * *

Randis the Human

You find Orphan Matron Nightingale outside the Stormwind Orphanage. She thanks you for your help, and gives you your orphan whistle. You use it to summon Randis, who seems a bit uncertain, but who mentions his parents were adventurers just like you.

Randis wants to be taken on a chopper in Westfall to see the chasm that the Cataclysm left behind. He’s heard Magni Bronzebeard has been turned into a giant diamond and he wants to visit him as well. Finally, he’s heard the Alliance have new allies and wants you to take him to meet them.

We’ll sort out the allied races first. You take Randis to Stormwind Embassy where he’s suitably impressed. He wonders if some of the allied races are also orphans, and plans to visit them again soon with snacks, proving himself to be a boy after my own heart.

Next, we’ll head to Westfall. The chopper is a lot safer than the Goblin rocket the Horde orphan gets taken on, but you solve that problem by driving into a whirlwind.

Randis also mentions not being allowed a mount until he’s older, which is weird, because he, like all the orphans, has a little mount of his own. Speaking of things that don’t make sense, it’s time to visit Magni.

With Baine and Cairne still being stuck in an endless time-loop, I expected Magni would be as well, but once you get to the place where he used to hang out as a diamond statue, you find no Magni, only Advisor Belgrum who tells Randis that Magni‘s gone to follow a greater calling.

Alliance bias confirmed!

It’s time to fly dragons and eat ice cream. The Gnome Craggle Wobbletop will sell you kites (along with any other toys you may not have already purchased from him) and the human Hans Goldhearth or Gnome Bazzil Frostweaver will sell you ice cream.

You buy Randis and the other orphans some toy swords, (war killed all your parents, now play at war, yaaay!) and head back to the orphanage where Orphan Matron Nightingale tells you Randis had such a fun time, he wants you to take one of his own pets as a thank-you present.

* * *

Dornaa the Draenei

Orphan Matron Mercy will have Dornaa‘s whistle for you. She mentions her parents were killed in the war, and if you know the Draenei‘s history at all, you know how heart-wrenching her story must be. Good thing you’re here to cheer her up.

Dornaa‘s clearly quite a morbid little kid because she wants to visit Auchindoun, the city of the dead, the Draenei burial ground that blew up and decimated half of Terokkar Forest. She also wants to see the Dark Portal, which we’ve already agreed is fair enough, and she wants to go see her brother, Jheel, who’s started an apprenticeship with the Ethereal in Nagrand.

We’ll take her to the Dark Portal first and make a round trip of it. She’s very into how cool it is and doesn’t seem even a little concerned by what its creation meant for her people, so yeah, Dornaa‘s a bit disturbing, not gonna lie. Let’s take this kid to the city of the dead.

At Auchindoun, you help Dornaa use the meeting stone to summon an adventurer, and she gushes over how cool the place is, especially the sky. She tells you to look up. You regret it.

Time to visit Jheel, who I assume is with the Ethereal to learn void magic, knowing this family. Jheel promises to visit the orphanage again soon, and Dornaa is ready for a few more adventures.

First, she wants to visit O’ros, the Naaru who went with the Exodar when it travelled to Azeroth. Next, she’d like to visit the Caverns of Time because dragons.

O’ros was killed by Velen‘s corrupted son in Legion, and I half expected the quest to be updated the same way Randis‘s Magni quest was. It’d be in keeping with Dornaa‘s morbidity to visit a dead Naaru. But the Children’s Week magic seems to be working, and O’ros is stuck in a time-loop where he’s alive and well and whispering in Dornaa‘s mind.

O’ros also tells you Dornaa is very special and will grow up to be an important figure amongst the Draenei, and he sends you to take her to see Farseer Nobundo. Considering how dodgy the Light has been lately, ignoring free will to forcefully convert and all that, this only further convinced me of Dornaa‘s evil nature, but let’s take her to see the Broken Shaman anyway.

It turns out Dornaa and Nobundo have been chatting in her dreams, and she can summon elemental forces. Nobundo is super excited and announces that he’s probably going to adopt her, so that works out nicely for everyone.

It’s time to visit the Caverns of Time and buy Dornaa her toy dragon. When you get there, something really weird happens. (Apparently, this happens with Salandria the Blood Elf orphan too, but I missed it.) Some Wardens of Time prepare to attack Dornaa, and Zaladormu stops them, shouting that she can’t be held accountable for something that she may or may not do in the future.

So Dornaa is evil confirmed.

Evil or not, she’s still very cute, and when you take her back home she gives you one of her favourite pets.

Of course, the pets Dornaa and Salandria give you are weirdly mutated, and both orphans seem power hungry and really into the forms of magic they’re good at.

But whatever. I’m sure Eggbert is stuck in some half egg state for some perfectly natural reason.

Either way, you’ll get a letter from Dornaa letting you know she’s safe and happy with Farseer Nobundo in the Exodar. It’s questionable how safe the Exodar is.

* * *

Liam the Kul Tiran

Orphan Matron Westeron seems very cheerful, which contrasts weirdly with the crying orphans outside. You’re introduced to your orphan, Liam, a proper Kul Tiran kid,  who comes complete with asking you rude questions like “do you have scurvy?”

Liam is thinking about his future. Namely, what he wants to be when he grows up. He asks you to take him to visit various grown-ups. Seeing their lives might help him with his decision, so you’re off to meet Roughnecks, Pirates and Tidesages.

Yes. Pirates are tossed in there as a legitimate career option. And you’re going to go along with this because you’re a responsible guardian.

First stop, the Roughnecks, who are said to be able to wrestle gryphons and punch yetis and stuff. Here, Liam is the first orphan to prove he’s at least level 60, because, after telling Tagart how much he likes gryphons, Liam gets to ride a flying mount – a baby gryphon. It’s as cute as it sounds.

After that, he’s pretty keen on the Roughneck lifestyle, but let’s go look into pirating anyway.

The Irontide Recruiter is understandably surprised by Liam‘s interest and advises him to rather stay in school and not become a ruthless criminal because the lifestyle isn’t actually that great. But he does give him a pirate hat of his very own.

Next stop, the “giant squid rock”, where Brother Pike flies you and Liam around in whirlwinds while telling the orphan how evil has taken over his home.

Liam‘s interested in Brother Pike‘s story, but he’s also thought up some more people he wants to visit.

First, his friend Billy told him about falconers, whose best friends are birds. He’s also heard about the Druids who can turn into bears and cats and other animals. Both groups are in Drustvar.

You take Liam to visit the statue of Arom Waycrest, First Lord of Drustvar, and you meet Inquisitor Notley the falconer there. Notley is very clear about the fact that a friend to birds should be nice to them, and Liam resolves to stop chasing seagulls and start feeding them instead.

At Ulfar’s Den, you meet the druids, also known as the thornspeakers. Arthur Tradewind approaches Liam in cat form, then entertains him by transforming into a bunch of other forms. (Everyone in Kul Tiras is super impressively good with kids.)

Liam has had a wonderful time, but it’s time to go back home. You drop him off and he gives you one of his pets as a reward.

Side note: The pets that Liam and the Zandalari orphan, Azala give you are brand new to the game. This is the first time you can get them, you can only get one per character, and once Children’s Week is over you’ll have to wait a year for the opportunity again. They’re also cageable.

In other words, they’re worth putting on the Auction House. Each pet is selling for somewhere between 40-60k on my realm.

* * *

As with the Horde orphans, all the Alliance orphans have their own little mounts. Two out of the three are horses, but they’re still cute.

Lok’tar ogar, and Zandalar Forever x

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