Lore of Warcraft – The Story of Eversong Woods

Lore of Warcraft – The Story of Eversong Woods

While most 1-60 zones now take place during the events of Cataclysm, Eversong Woods and the area immediately after it, Ghostlands, takes place during the events of Burning Crusade. This makes it possible to start out in the Burning Crusade, jump forward to the Cataclysm once you reach normal 1-60 zones, jump back again to the Burning Crusade once you go to Outland, and jump forward again to Cataclysm. Not confusing at all.

So the Blood Elves have only just joined the Horde, Kael’thas Sunstrider still leads them, and it’s really thanks to Sylvanas, who fought hard for them to be accepted into the Horde, that they were even able to join at all.

Races most likely to find themselves questing through this area: Blood Elves.

Note: I don’t necessarily follow the most efficient route. My focus is on the story – not on finishing quickly.

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You should begin at Falconwing Square, which is in the Ruins of Silvermoon. If you’re a Blood Elf, you would have been sent here by Alarion, who asked you to deliver a package to Innkeeper Delaniel.

Magistrate Jaronis tells you about the Arcane Patrollers, magic-powered golems who used to protect Silvermoon. The ones roaming the ruins have fallen into disrepair and have become aggressive. He asks you to collect their arcane cores, which could still be put to good use. The Captain of the Guard, Aeldon Sunbrand, tells you some local Wretched stole a bunch of unstable mana crystals recently, and asks you to get them back. A wanted sign offers a reward for the head of the Wretched leader, Thaelis the Hungerer, who has murdered two guards.

Once you return, Jaronis asks you to take a letter to Ley-Keeper Caidanis at the North Sanctum for him, and Aeldon asks you to investigate a report that the West Sanctum suffered Darnassian sabotage. These sanctums are used to generate energy, so it’s important that they’re looked after. You head to the North Sanctum first, where you find Caidanis entertaining a guest, a Dwarf named Prospector Anvilward. Caidanis also asks you to head to the West Sanctum, to offer Ley-Keeper Velania any assistance you can.

Velania tells you that an energy converter has been destroyed, causing mana wraiths and manastalkers to pour out of it. You put them down, and you find and kill the Darnassian intruder, who’ll be carrying Incriminating Documents. These documents contain detailed maps of locations in Eversong Woods, and you decide to take them to Aeldon.

The documents are written in Dwarven, and Aeldon quickly realises they were created by the Dwarf you saw earlier – an envoy from Ironforge. It seems the Dwarf wasn’t responsible for the malfunction, but he was meant to observe the results, and he’s concluded the Blood Elves are reckless and dangerous. Aeldon‘s properly insulted and sends you to assassinate Prospector Anvilward. It’s a delicate situation so you need to be quiet about it.

You chat to Anvilward, who assumes you’re his tour guide and is quite rude, and you convince him to join you inside the North Sanctum, where you very discreetly remove his head. You bring it back to Aeldon, who sends you to Fairbreeze Village. They’re dealing with a Wretched attack and need reinforcements.

On your way, you should come across Apprentice Ralen, who tells you he and a fellow apprentice were attacked by Wretched. He asks you to go check on Apprentice Meledor, who chased after the attackers. Meledor tells you that the Wretched threw his instructor’s Elemental Grimoire into the river, and needs you to help him find it. The book is soaked, and Meledor asks you to take it to Antheol, his instructor, and tell him you’re the one to blame for its condition. Since you’re not one of his students, there’s nothing he can do to you.

On your way, you could stop by the place where the Dead Scar meets Silvermoon to help Ranger Jaela. Jaela explains that the giant scar running through Ghostlands, Eversong Woods and Silvermoon is not only a constant reminder of the day Arthas led the Scourge into your city, it also still brings a steady stream of Scourge from the Ghostlands.

You take the book to Instructor Antheol but apparently you’re a snitch because you also tell him about how the Apprentices tried to bribe you to lie. Antheol gives you a wand to “discipline” the Apprentices with. The wand turns them into pigs, (even Ralen, who really did nothing wrong) and it seems like this has happened to them before. Long story short, the abuse within Blood Elf academia is shocking.

That diversion over with, you report to Ranger Degolien in Fairbreeze Village who tells you the Wretched have completely taken over Sunsail Anchorage, the nearby harbour. He wants you to report to Ranger Degolien. Marniel Amberlight, Fairbreeze Village‘s Innkeeper, asks you to go help Ranger Sareyn, who keeps the village safe. Ardeyn Riverwind tells you about the protective runestones that prevent the Scourge taint from expanding into the area, and asks you to report to his sister, Larianna Riverwind, who can be found near a damaged runestone and may need your help.

Sathiel asks you to fetch some supplies that were promised from Silvermoon City. Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider rants to you a bit about Lord Saltheril, who’s being a right pain about a party he wants to throw, and asks if you can go sort him out. She also wants you to check up on her former apprentice, Mirveda, who’s doing research at the East Sanctum in the middle of the Dead Scar. If you’re level 10 or higher, Landra might also send you on a quest to find her nephew, who went missing in Ghostlands. She implies the magisters in Silvermoon wouldn’t care about a lowly messenger, which, I hope, is just some rather weird slander.

Finally, Velan Brightoak tells you how he uses Springpaw pelts to create quality gear and asks you to farm him some. He crafts you a piece of armour when you’re done.

So you might have noticed the quest givers in this village send you in multiple directions. Let’s get the most boring quest out of the way first: the trip to Silvermoon for supplies.

You bring Sathiel‘s request to Skymaster Brightdawn, who sends you to Silvermoon on the back of one of his Dragonhawks. Once in Silvermoon, you fetch the supplies from Sathren Azuredawn and head straight to Skymistress Gloaming for a flight back. I mean, really this quest just exists to explain the concept of transport and show the city to you.

Time to attend to Lord Saltheril. He needs you to collect party supplies for him – food, alcohol, and fireworks. This quest sends you all over the place: Fireworks from Halis Dawnstrider at Fairbreeze Village, wine from Vinemaster Suntouched at Silvermoon, and Springpaw appetizers (eeewww) from Zalene Firstlight at Farstrider Retreat. Once you finally have everything, you’re rewarded with a party invitation of your own, and you can help yourself to free food and alcohol.

Next, let’s head over to Sunsail Anchorage. You should come across a small Blood Elf camp, where Velendris Whitemorn tells you that they left most of their weapons behind when the Wretched attacked, and Captain Kelisendra tells you Murlocs stole her cargo. One problem at a time, so you focus on the harbour, killing Wretched and gathering weapons.

Once you’ve killed the leader of the Wretched, Aldaron, at Velendris‘s request, you move on to dealing with the Murlocs. You might also want to cross over to the island the West Sanctum is on. A quest giver named Hathvelion Sungaze is here, who gives you a quest to kill Murlocs and their leader, Mmmrrrggglll. Since you’re gonna be killing them while collecting the stolen cargo anyway…

One of the Murlocs drops a waterproof, leather tube containing several documents. It belongs to Captain Kelisendra so you bring it back to her, along with the cargo she lost. Naturally, she’s very pleased, and it’s time for you to move on.

Back in Fairbreeze Village, Ranger Degolien might want to send you to report to Lieutenant Dawnrunner in Fastrider Retreat, but you have other things to do first.

Let’s check in with Apprentice Mirveda, the one doing research at the West Sanctum in the Dead Scar. Mirveda seems mildly annoyed that you’re there and insinuates that you’ve actually been sent to fetch her back because her old teacher, Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider, doesn’t believe in her research – trying to discover whether or not the Scourge and Dead Scar‘s negative effects on the West Sanctum are reversible. She puts you to work collecting tainted soil. She casts an augmentation enchantment on the soil, and this summons dark energy, resulting in an attack from the Scourge. Mirveda concludes that the taint is irreversible, and she asks you to take her notes to Landra, as they need to be reviewed by a magister. Landra‘s quite shocked by the notes and promises to report their findings to the grand magister.

Let’s go check in with Ranger Sareyn. who, you’ll remember, keeps the village safe by defending it against the Scourge roaming the Dead Scar. She gets you to help thin their undead numbers, then tells you that the increase in attacks probably means a runestone has been damaged. (At first I thought she was behind the news, but she actually means a different runestone to the one Ardeyn Riverwind already told you about.) Sareyn sends you to ask Runewarden Deryan if there’s any damage, but you might as well swing by Larianna Riverwind, Ardeyn’s sister, first.

When the runestone was damaged, burning the grove surrounding the stone helped stop the Scourge taint from spreading. Larianna tells you that the tree ents have been trying to regrow the grove ever since, and you need to force them to stop by killing them.

Damn, that’s pretty awful.

You might come across a slightly-larger-than-the-others ent called Old Witherbark, and if you kill him, he drops a pendant with the initials L. R. engraved in it. You figure Larianna Riverwind might be mildly interested in that.

Larianna gave Witherbark the pendant when he helped rebuild their village, so she’s really quite sad that he’s dead. (I dunno maybe she should have thought of that before instructing you to murder the tree ents for just trying to regrow some trees but OK.) She asks you to bury the pendant by the runestone. Old Witherbark‘s spirit appears and he’s really upset as he asks you haven’t you done enough harm? Now you’re disturbing his rest?

You have to beat him down until he kinda begs you to stop, then he despairingly tells you how he finally accepts that he’s failed his people, the land has changed, and he asks you to leave the pendant with him. Maybe one day, when there are no more elves, a new tree will grow among the “husks” of dead tree ents.

It’s really quite awful.

But you have Runewarden Deryan to attend to, who explains there were three working runestones, but now you’re down to one. The runestone you just left, the one by Old Witherbark, is beyond repair, but the other damaged runestone can still be restored, so he sends you to energize it with an infused crystal. Naturally, this means protecting it from attacking Scourge as well. Your mission is successful and the runestone is officially reactivated.

It’s about time to finally make your way to Farstrider Retreat, where they’ve been having some difficulty with Amani Trolls. Lieutenant Dawnrunner tells you about the constant struggle between your two races for land. What she doesn’t mention is the fact that the Trolls were here first, but you Blood Elves moved in and built your city right on top of sacred Troll grounds. Colonials gotta colonial, and she wants you to murder some Trolls. Arathel Sunforge tells you that one of the Amani leaders, Spearcrafter Otembe, wields a really great hammer that she wants you to get so that she can study it and use what she learns to craft you a weapon.

Magister Duskwither, meanwhile, wants to send you in a different direction. His apprentice, Loralthalis, went to Duskwither Spire some time ago and he still hasn’t heard from her.

We’ll sort out the Trolls first.

Killing Otembe brought back some memories. He almost always drops a green, and once upon a time, before I realised how pointless it was to farm things at low levels, I would farm him for ages just to get a shot at some vaguely respectable gear. You’ll notice a quest giver in a cage behind him – a Darkspear TrollVen’jashi, who tells you the Darkspears hate the Amani as much as Blood Elves do. (Convenient, as they also happen to be your very new allies.)

He’s going to die and he’s pretty fine with it, but he’d quite like some revenge first, so he sends you to kill Zul’Marosh, the Amani leader who poisoned him. Zul’Marosh has plans on him that make it pretty clear the Amani are planning to invade Fairbreeze Village. (Is invade right? Can you invade an area that belonged to you in the first place?) You bring his head to Ven’jashi, who tells you the Amani burned down his village before dying, and you take the invasion plans to Lieutenant Dawnrunner. She sends you to Fairbreeze Village to warn Ranger Degolien about the attack and promise reinforcements. Thanks to you, they’re able to plan a defense and won’t be caught off-guard by the Amani.

It’s time to check up on Duskwither‘s apprentice. Apprentice Loralthalis thinks it’s sweet that the magister is finally showing an interest in her, but there’s more important things on her mind. She was sent here to deactivate Duskwither Spire, but the spire has been overrun by strange creatures. The groundskeeper has also gone missing and she’s worried about him. When you find Groundskeeper Wylithen, all he wants is for you to help clear out some of the magical creatures that are overrunning the place.

You head up into the spire, which is literally floating in the sky, to deactivate it. While you’re there, you come across a book. It’s Magister Duskwither‘s journal, and it suggests his irresponsible experiments are entirely to blame for what’s going on. All in all, that Dwarf envoy’s assessment that you Blood Elves are being reckless and dangerous was pretty accurate and fair to be honest.

You let Loralthalis know you’ve shut down the spire and that some of the other apprentices are now Wretched. She’s quite sad and decides to stay and try bury her lost fellow students, and asks you to report to the magister.

Duskwither is pretty remorseful. He fully admits it’s all his fault, and he decides to burn the journal. Conveniently for him, that means the evidence will be destroyed, but I’m sure that’s not why he’s doing it.

You’re pretty much done in Eversong Woods. All that’s left is to check up on Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider‘s nephew who, I’m sure you remember, went missing in Ghostlands. You find he’s not quite in Ghostlands yet, and he… could be doing better.

He’s been infected by the Plague. Thankfully, a Forsaken, Apothecary Thedra, is standing by and knows exactly what to do. Pop over to the Ghostlands and collect Plagued blood samples from the wildlife there. She uses the samples to make a serum for the “pretty elf boy”, who she seems quite taken with at this point. Courier Dawnstrider is too weak to carry on his journey, so he asks you to take the letter he’s bringing from Regent Lord Lor’themar Theron to Arcanist Vandrill in Tranquillien for him. The letter contains a warning.

Vandrill, who’s been waiting for the letter, is more than a little annoyed when he reads it to discover it’s just Lor’themar Theron saying he senses a dark presence in Ghostlands. No kidding. Of course there’s a dark presence in Ghostlands. He can’t believe he’s been waiting to be told obvious news like that.

And with that, you’re done with Eversong Woods. After this, you’re most likely to carry on your adventures in Ghostlands, an area that is, as you know, far darker and gloomier.

Lok’tar ogar, and Zandalar Forever x

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